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Why Dogs Can’t Stand the Boom, Bangs, and Blasts: A Closer Peek

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Have you ever noticed your dog behaving like it’s the end of the world when the thunder roars or fireworks explode in the sky? Understanding why our canine companions are not fans of loud noises is curious and crucial to ensuring their mental and physical well-being.

Understanding a Dog’s Hearing Sensitivity

Dogs’ ears are like super-sensitive antennas, catching frequencies humans can only dream of hearing. This incredible hearing range means they hear booming thunder at an uncomfortably loud volume.

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Comparing Human and Doggie Ears

To give you a bit of a sound comparison, our furry pals can hear sounds ranging from 16 Hz to 65,000 Hz. In contrast, mere humans can only catch frequencies between 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz. That’s quite a gap, isn’t it? No wonder they sometimes look at us with a knowing expression that says, “If only you knew what I’m hearing right now!”.

Evolutionary Reasons for Dogs’ Aversion to Loud Noises

In the grand scheme of nature, dogs have donned both the roles of predator and prey with equal finesse. Their extraordinary hearing capabilities were their survival toolkit, alerting them to potential dangers and helping them hunt down a meal efficiently.

A sudden loud noise could mean danger in the wild days – perhaps a predator sneaking up or a storm brewing. This evolutionary trait has remained with dogs, making them natural alarmists when the decibel levels rise suddenly.

Dogs’ Loud Noise Blues

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Imagine having a front-row seat to an unsolicited concert featuring thunderstorms, fireworks, sirens and the dreaded vacuum cleaner solos. Unfortunately, our pups often find themselves in this situation, with these sounds causing them distress and physical discomfort.

A sudden blast of noise can send our dogs into a frenzy of behaviours that include everything from hiding and shaking to voicing their displeasure through a symphony of barks and whines. They’re saying, “Not a fan of this playlist”.

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Loud noises can bring physical and psychological effects to our canine companions. From racing hearts to panting in distress, it’s a full-on sensory overload for them. Psychologically, they experience a roller coaster of fear, anxiety, and significant stress.

And don’t be surprised if you find them exhibiting quirky behaviours during and after a noisy episode. This might include an impromptu hide-and-seek session, a frantic pacing routine or a stubborn hunger strike – a clear sign of their distress.

How to Help Dogs Cope with Loud Noises

Fear not, for not all is not doom and gloom in the loud world for dogs. There are several strategies to make noise phobia a thing of the past for your pooch. These include turning their environment into a soothing haven with calming music or white noise, indulging them in a calming massage or consulting your vet for pharmaceutical assistance.

The Marvels of CBD Oil

You might have heard of the wonders of CBD oil for humans, but did you know it’s making waves in the canine world, too? It seems like dogs have a knack for keeping up with the trends. Recent studies suggest CBD oil can be a game-changer in helping dogs manage their noise phobia. It’s believed to work by promoting a sense of calm and relaxation in dogs, making those thunderous noises more bearable.1

Whether it’s a gentle massage with CBD oil or adding a few drops to their favourite snack, it could be the soothing balm to their loud noise blues.

Paws, Reflect, and Proceed: The Closing Bark

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Unfortunately, loud noises don’t have a volume control tailored for our dogs’ sensitive ears. But with understanding, care, and perhaps a few drops of CBD oil, we can help them easily navigate the noisy terrains.

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