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Navigating Anxiety: Dealing with Thunder, New Visitors and Traveling with Your Pet

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Pets – our furry or feathered daily doses of happiness – are our natural everyday antidepressants, much-loved adopted family members and loyal companions. They melt our stress away with a squawk, bark or meow, puppy-dog eyes, comical adventures turning empty boxes into daybeds or devoted cuddle time on the couch.

Whether you’re a cat person, a dog person or even a bird lover, you can’t help but feel responsible for your pet’s happiness. But like humans, pets can also suffer from anxiety, which is often challenging to manage.

In this blog, we’ll explore how thunderstorms, new visitors, travelling, and leaving pets alone at home can trigger anxiety and stress – both for you and your pets.

Thunder! Thunder!

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“It was a dark and stormy night” sounds like the introduction to a horror story. And for many animals, the horror is very real. Imagine being a dog or cat with heightened senses that pick up atmospheric pressure changes and the ominous hum of thunder or crackling lightning that sounds far too close for comfort.

Thunderstorms, flashes of lightning and pouring rain can cause your pets to tremble, hide, howl or even become destructive as they try to escape the noise. In these situations, the most important thing to do is to ensure your cat or dog has a safe, contained place to hide.

Many dogs may also find being wrapped in a blanket comforting as it simulates a protective human embrace. For cats, a cosy bed in a cupboard can be a lifesaver. And adding a calming product into the mix can make a significant difference.

Introducing New Visitors

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While welcoming friends and family into your home might be exciting for you, it can be anxiety-inducing for pets. More anxious breeds are generally creatures of habit, attached to their daily routine and the people they know and love.

Unfamiliar scents, sounds and faces can trigger fear and uncertainty. Pets might exhibit signs of stress like hiding, excessive grooming or even aggression. Gradual introductions and providing a quiet retreat away from the guests is a simple strategy that can solve the problem in the short term.

Offering treats and using positive reinforcement when introducing them to new people can help ease their anxiety. Patience and understanding from you and your visitors are crucial to allowing your pets to adjust at their own pace.

One study revealed that 83% of the dogs tested showed decreased stress or anxiety-related behaviours when given a Cannabidiol (CBD) product. And according to Veterinary Partner – the Pet care information portal by veterinarians for pet owners – “CBD products are considered extremely safe in both humans and experimental animals.”1,2

CBD products are available for dogs, cats, horses and even anxious parrots, and may help ease animal anxiety.

Travel Troubles: Anxiety On the Go

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For many pet owners, just the thought of leaving their furry or feathered companions behind while traveling can be heartbreaking. On the flip side, taking pets on trips can also be challenging due to unfamiliar environments and routines.

Travel-induced anxiety can manifest as restlessness, whining, vomiting or refusing to eat. To minimise travel-related stress, gradual acclimatisation to carriers or vehicles, maintaining familiar routines and ensuring access to favourite toys or bedding can help pets feel more at ease during journeys.

If you are using a carrier, bring it out a week or so before you leave and try to get your pet to go in voluntarily. Make sure to line the carrier with familiar blankets and toys and lure them in with a treat or two, or consider trying a product that may help them relax when you’re on the road.

Happiness – One Drop at a Time

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We only want the best for our furry and feathered friends. The CBD market for both pets and humans is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world, and many pet owners attest to the positive effects of Vitozol Pet products on their best friends.

Vitozol for dogs, cats, horses or parrots is extracted from organically farmed Industrial plants cultivated explicitly for their high CBD content. CBD oil products may not only combat anxiety but also improve many aspects of your pet’s health.

Follow Vitozol Pets on Facebook or Instagram for regular updates on pet-centric CBD products, or visit the Vitozol website to find your nearest authorised dealer or to buy online. 


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