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Pep in Their Step: Combatting Joint & Mobility Troubles in Older Pets

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Growing old is a rite of passage, and while our sprightly kitties and energetic puppies can’t remain youngsters forever, their later years can still be golden, filled with joy and tail wags (or content purrs and cheerful chirps). As our dear companions enter the silver phase of their lives, their gusto for a garden sprint might not be what it once was. And the leap onto their favourite armchair might take a bit longer, thanks to the onset of joint and mobility issues1

Why the Long Face (or Whisker or Beak)?

It’s a sad day when Fido’s frisbee gathers dust or Whiskers’ toy mouse is left untouched, lying forlornly in the corner. Inevitably, that dampener called age creeps in, turning once zestful outings into more of a daily slog.

But don’t hang up those walking leads and laser toys just yet. You can teach old dogs (and cats and birds) new tricks and perhaps a new way to enjoy life.

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Putting the Pep Back in Their Paws

Gentle Exercise: More than Just a Frolic in the Park

While our older pets may not be up for marathon training sessions (though we commend them if they are), a consistent routine of gentle exercises can work wonders in keeping them limber. How about introducing them to the slow-paced joy of pet pilates or a gentle game of hide and seek that involves more seeking and less hiding? These fun activities can become the highlight of their day, keeping those joints moving and flexible.

Weight Management: A Healthy Body, A Happy Pet

As our pets age, their metabolism might take a bit of a nosedive, much like ours after a hearty Christmas dinner. Keeping an eye on their weight isn’t just for the perfect photo opportunity; it’s a crucial step in maintaining their overall health. Regular vet check-ups and a balanced diet can help keep those killer kilos away, ensuring their joints don’t suffer under the burden of extra weight.

Medication and Vet Visits: A Pinch of Prevention, a Pound of Cure

Regular chats with the vet aren’t just a social outing for your pet; they could lead to an actionable plan to manage their mobility issues better. And let’s face it, our vets are the unsung heroes of the pet world, coming to the rescue with a medicinal plan that can help soothe the aches and pains of ageing.

CBD Oil: Nature’s Miracle, Perhaps?

CBD oil2, hailed for its potential anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, might just be the magic potion we’ve been waiting for. It’s like giving your pets a gentle, soothing cuddle from the inside.

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The Magic Elixir? CBD Oil’s Potential Perks

Introducing CBD oil to your pet’s routine could be like welcoming a friendly ally to the mix, as it may help alleviate discomfort and possibly pave the way to happier, more active days. Research studies3 indicate the promising role of CBD oil in managing mobility issues in dogs.

Your Pet’s New Lease on Life

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Vitozol for dogs, cats, horses or parrots is extracted from organically farmed Industrial plants cultivated explicitly for their high CBD content. CBD oil products may help with mobility issues and improve many aspects of your pet’s health. 

So gear up for a journey filled with playful afternoons and tranquil walks in the park. Here’s to bringing the pep back in their step, one wag, purr, or chirp at a time. Remember, it’s not just about adding years to their life but adding life to their years. Let’s make each moment count.

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