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CBD Oil for Dogs and 3 More Tips to Make Pet Care Easier

CBD Oil for dogs

Being a pet owner can be difficult due to the communication barrier between you and your animal. It can be heartbreaking seeing your pet in pain, especially when there’s nothing you can do. However, maybe you’ve heard of CBD oil for dogs and wondered if it will make a difference to your dog’s pain.

Fortunately, in this article, we’ll be going through everything you need to know about CBD oil for dogs and three more tips to make pet care easier. Continue reading to become an even better pet owner who can give animals exactly what they need!

Pets and CBD Oil

Understanding CBD Oil

Firstly, it’s important to understand CBD oil and what it means before jumping to conclusions. Most people automatically think CBD makes you high, which isn’t the case. Let’s break down the two components, CBD and THC, so you can understand what each of them means.

THC, known as tetrahydrocannabinol is the chemical that binds to receptors in the brain, giving the ‘high’ feeling that so many people think about when referring to CBD products. However, CBD alone won’t make a person feel high. Instead, it gives a person a calm and relaxed feeling.

CBD, known as cannabinol, is actually made up the exact same way as THC, so why doesn’t it make you high? Because the atoms of CBD and THC are arranged differently, making your body react differently to them. Of course, both components make you feel better in one way or another but it’s only THC that promotes the ‘euphoric’ sensation. So, if you give your dog CBD oil, it won’t make them feel ‘high’ as you may have thought because it won’t contain the THC component.

How Will CBD Oil Affect Your Dog?

The most important aspect of giving your dog CBD oil is knowing how it will affect them considering, you won’t be able to ask them how they’re feeling. This is why it’s important for you to understand the difference between CBD and THC.

Most CBD oils don’t contain THC unless specifically stated otherwise. For example, Vitozol CBD oil for dogs doesn’t contain THC because making your dog high isn’t what we’re aim to do. We simply want to make your dog feel better and more relaxed, whether you’re treating them for minor ailments or recovering from a medical treatment.

Thus far, there isn’t much scientific proof that CBD oil helps dogs deal with pain or discomfort. In part this is because one can’t get feedback from animals the way you can with humans. Also, you can’t measure all the effects within their bodies. However, many owners who have used CBD oil have noticed a positive difference in their dogs.

Main Benefits of CBD Oil for Pets

So, now you want to know what the benefits of regular use will be. The main common outcomes you can look forward to are:

  • Your dog will get a sense of calm
  • They will feel less anxious when dealing with pain or discomfort
  • The oil can ease pain

These are just some of the benefits of CBD oil and what other dog owners have noticed when they’ve used it on their dogs.

In addition, you can try the following tips to help your dog maintain optimal health and energy throughout its life.

3 Easy Ways to Manage Pet Health

1.      Give Them the Right Food

It is vital to your dog’s health that you feed them the right food. This means that the food has to be tailored to your dog’s:

  • Breed
  • Size
  • Age

Not sure what food to pick? Ask your local vet if you’re giving your dog the nutrients it needs as all dogs are different.

You need to make sure you as the owner takes care of your dog’s dietary needs, so they can remain strong even during illness. A healthy diet is also important to make sure your dog is at the right weight. Weight determines pressure on joints and can affect your dog’s overall wellbeing.

2.      Ensure Your Dog Stays Fit

Dogs need a lot of attention and space to roam free, especially if you own a large breed. Giving your dog the chance to stay active and fit throughout its life will help as it ages and if it ever becomes sick or becomes injured. The healthier your dog, the higher its chance on recovery. For example, a fit dog will have stronger bones and muscles that has a lower chance of injury and will mend faster if something does go wrong.

Note: When your dog is sick, don’t force it into doing activities because this can slow down the recovery process.

3.      Regular Vet Visits

As humans, we normally go to the doctor at least once a year to have a check-up which is exactly what your dog will need. Having regular check-ups will help track any health issues as well as make it easy for you to understand your dog when they start behaving a certain way. For example, if the vet notices your dog is going blind, you can adjust life with your dog accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Giving your dog the best care possible doesn’t have to be as hard as you’d think. Of course, seeing a professional about your dog’s health condition can be an important step in treating what they’re suffering from but if there’s more you can do, why not do it? These tips show how much power pet owners have in managing pets’ general health, even without the help of a professional. Simply invest in healthy products and spend quality time with your pet outdoors!

No pet should be in unnecessary pain. CBD oil can be a great way for you to help your dog deal with any problems they may have when you notice that their prescribed medication isn’t doing enough. The thought of CBD oil for dogs may be new to you, but it CAN be beneficial for your dog. If you’re looking for CBD oil for dogs, Vitozol can help you out and our excellent reputation can put your mind at rest that you’re only using the best for your pooch.

Photo by Alex Navarro on Unsplash

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