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CBD for Cats: 7 Reasons No New Pet Owner Can Do Without it

cbd for cats
CBD for cats

You’re holding that little ball of fur in your hands, wanting to give it the best life possible. You’ve purchased a soft bed, a scratch post and of course the best cat food money can buy. All set? What about optimising its health? For this, many pet owners opt for CBD for cats and the stories they share are remarkable.

So, want to be pet owner of the year? Here are all the reasons why CBD oil is not simply a trend, but a must have.

CBD for Cats will Solve Multiple Health Issues in One Go

Top of the list of reasons to invest in CBD for cats is to help the animal fight back more effectively if it’s sick. Of course you’ll visit the vet, but CBD has been a complementary substance to many other treatment plans, for the following conditions and more:

  • Arthritis and joint pain: It’s not only dogs that suffer with arthritis! Your cat can face this problem as early as when it’s six years old. Along with other medication, see how CBD oil may help relieve pain thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Recovery after operations: Another situation where you’ll appreciate an anti-inflammatory supplement is if your cat had an operation. It will be up and about much sooner if wounds heal faster and pain is less severe. In both humans and animals, CBD has helped deal with pain during recovery periods.
  • Digestive issues: Your cat’s diet determines its overall health and if there’s inflammation in the gut, it could lead to bigger issues, such as malnutrition. CBD is a popular remedy for digestive challenges, especially because it’s natural and won’t easily spark other side effects.
  • Epilepsy: Is your cat experiencing seizures because of too much electrochemical activity in the brain? Yes, you need to consult your vet, but for many humans and animals, CBD has helped reduce the frequency or severity of seizures. It’s how you can help him or her cope better with a serious condition.

Other conditions that may not be seen as a disease but can have unfortunate side effects can also be treated. For example:

  • Cats who experience anxiety may feel calmer after a few drops of CBD
  • When there are fireworks outside which you know usually upsets your cat, see how it fares after digesting some of the liquid
  • A depressed, lethargic cat may seem its old self after CBD becomes part of its diet

It’s the Supplement You’ve Been Hoping for

Of course, you may have a perfectly healthy kitty that almost never goes to the vet. Does that mean you don’t need CBD for cats?

Not according to some owners!

The beneficial properties in CBD products not only solve healthy issues, but can help maintain health. So, if you want to ensure your cat doesn’t need the vet once it gets a little older, add CBD for cats to its diet now already.

Thanks to the antioxidants in CBD, your cat will fight off the natural effects of aging much easier. The oil can help strengthen the immune system, so if the cat does get attacked by germs, it will make much less of an impact.

So many people add supplements to their daily diets to help with energy levels and general health. Why aren’t we doing this for our pets too?

It’s Going to Save You Money

Here’s one of the best reasons to invests in a bottle of CBD oil: your budget.

Why wait for something to go wrong with your pet if you can prevent it? As stated above, CBD for cats can help maintain health. This means fewer visits to the vet. Also, if those medications are simply too expensive, see how your pet fares when you only use this natural supplement. It may just be good enough to still offer quality of life without ruining your finances.

Natural is ALWAYS the Way to Go

You may wonder what’s in those medications your vet prescribes. Even though they do a world of good, they may have side effects you don’t feel comfortable with. Since CBD for cats is a natural product, there’s less risk of side effects, no matter what type of cat you have.

And don’t worry, CBD doesn’t contain harmful THC levels. Your beloved cat won’t start hallucinating or feeling tipsy. CBD only contains the healthy components of the plant, not the psychoactive compounds that result in that feeling of being ‘high’. You’re NOT drugging your cat.

The Risk is Low

Often, medicine can result in a side effect that then requires other products to manage. That means more expenses and your cat can feel horrible with all the additional substances in its body. Also, you don’t know how those medicines will affect its liver or other organs over time.

Since natural products often have fewer side effects, with CBD you’ll have less issues to cope with than with many other treatments and medicines.

It’s Easy to Administer

You’ve probably heard the jokes about how difficult it is to give a cat a pill or other medicine. And it’s the truth! When those claws come out you’re bound to walk away with a few scratches. CBD for cats is an easy remedy to administer, especially in liquid form. A few drops on its food will be all it takes, so it won’t even know it just digested the daily dosage. And for most animals, the taste doesn’t put them off.

It Won’t Harm Your Other Pets

You may wonder how adding this remedy to your kitchen counter will affect everyone else in your home. What if the dog sneaks up and eats your cat’s food? Here again, you can have peace of mind. With CBD for cats being a natural product, it won’t easily harm other animals. On the contrary, it may even do them some good. Simply make sure no animal digests it in large quantities.

Final Thoughts

Along with the excitement of owning a new pet, you probably have concerns about how good a pet owner you’ll be. That little life is in your hands.

Give yourself some peace of mind that you’re doing all you can, by simply placing CBD for cats in your cabinet. With high-end products like the ones you get from Vitozol, you’ll only be giving a quality substance and with clear directions, you’ll know exactly how much to administer.

Also, we’re here if you have any questions.

Photo by Kim Davies on Unsplash

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