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Save Up to 80% on Your Next Vet Bill with These 17 Natural Remedies


Last month was not an easy month. Why? Vet bills! It only took two visits to drain the cash that should have gone into my savings.

First, my puppy tore her dew claw during a run one afternoon. Then the older one had a seizure one night. We had to rush them to the vet after hours which meant that I had to pay even MORE than usual.

If you’re a pet owner you’ve probably faced the same or even worse. And you never see it coming.

Imagine, as a responsible pet owner, you take your dog for a walk. During the walk it gets a tick bite. This sounds harmless, but do you realise that in extreme cases it can lead to biliary and result in vet bills?

Vet operating on cat

The problem of high vet fees gave me sleepless nights; and yes, like many South African pet lovers I considered pet health insurance. It sounds ideal at first, but did you know your pet’s insurance plan may not cover all treatments?

So, no matter how you plan to cover vet fees, you’re bound to pay exorbitant amounts out of your own pocket.

I needed a solution to manage my budget in future while still taking good care of my pets. They’re part of the family after all.

Who better to ask than consumers like myself? While online I stumbled across a video featured on Consumer Reports. Many of them mentioned CBD products.

This sparked a question: I already trust natural products for my own health and it helps me save money; why am I not doing the same with my pets?

I did a lot of research and found many treatment options on the modern market. It seems some natural remedies could be safe to use, similar to the vets’ treatments and medicines. In many cases natural solutions may not even have side effects.

Over time I discovered a range of natural remedies that can help you manage your pets’ health. There are more options than you think so you can treat various conditions the natural way; from flees, to anxiety.

All of this without breaking the bank!

Below you’ll find my top seventeen effective remedies. Use this as a checklist and you’ll not only SAVE money, but your pet will enjoy BETTER HEALTH from now on!

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Get Creative with Citrus Fruit

This remedy is probably already in your kitchen or you may even have a citrus tree in the garden. It’s easily accessible and super cheap when compared to vet medicine.


Fleas are common problems with both cats and dogs, so this remedy applies to many households.

Simply cut up a lemon or orange and rub one of the pieces—the rind and the pulp—all over your pet’s fur. It will deter fleas so you’ll spend less on expensive shampoos, treatments and visits to the vet to treat your pet’s skin.


I don’t know how much I’ve spent on fragrant shampoo to counter my dog’s smell. She loves rolling in the grass and often comes home smelly.

Citrus juice on her collar takes care of the smell and I don’t have to bath her as often anymore.

Gear Up with Geranium Oil

Another fragrant remedy is geranium oil. You’ll find various geranium oil products on the market and most of them don’t cause any side effects if used topically.

Because it’s antifungal, you can improve your pet’s skin health by using it whenever you bath your pet.



The best way to cut down on vet bills is to minimise the chances of your pet getting sick or injured. Geranium oil does this for you by protecting your dog from ticks.

Take note: I mentioned dogs only as this oil is not meant for cats.

The most practical solution is adding a few drops to a collar and fitting it on your dog.


You can take care of another pesky critter as geranium oil will deter fleas from climbing onto your pet. I also suggest you take it one step further: use it when washing your dog’s bedding to keep it flea-free too.

Chamomile Works for Humans AND Pets

Here’s another home remedy you may already use yourself. Many people enjoy chamomile tea for its soothing effects.

For your pet this remedy can be applied topically or given orally. Thanks to experts citing its many healing properties the market boomed and you’ll now find liquid extracts which you can add to your pet’s food.

Chamomile for natural remedies

Skin Problems

The cause for your pet’s itchy skin can be anything from stress to its diet or even the environment. Like me you’ve probably tried cones to keep pets from licking or scratching and to give the skin time to heal.

Dog with lick shield

Instead of paying for repeat vet visits and allergy tests, simply let chamomile tea cool down and then apply it to your pet’s skin with a spray bottle. It works to relieve the itch and helps heal the skin.

Chamomile will work for various skin problems and is safe to use as there are no common side effects.


If you’re like me, you probably drink chamomile tea for its calming effects. Your anxious or aggressive dog can enjoy the same benefits. This comes in handy to prevent dogs from barking at visitors or suffering from separation anxiety when you leave for work.


Because chamomile acts as a mild sedative and can have antispasmodic effects, you can now treat your dog’s indigestion at home. This tea is now the solution whenever one of my dogs vomits or has gas.

The combination of calming your dog down while preventing upset stomachs is also the perfect remedy for hyper excitable canines.

Good Old Oatmeal

The bowl of oatmeal you enjoy in the morning can also be the natural remedy your dog or cat needs.

Oatmeal for natural remedies

Skin Problems

Oatmeal is an affordable remedy almost any household can afford. The grain has anti-inflammatory properties and can help with moisture retention. Try it to prevent your dog’s skin from drying out.

Make a paste with baby oatmeal and water. Then leave it on your pet’s dry skin areas for a few minutes.

You will need to keep an eye on your pet to ensure it doesn’t lick it off. But that beats driving to the vet and paying the bill, right?

CBD Oil to Improve Your Pets Health

This is the product that sparked my research on natural remedies. I suggest you keep a vial of CBD oil in the cupboard from now on. I like it specifically because a single product is used by many pet owners to help keep their pets healthy. It’s a true money saver.

Because the oil makes it easy to adjust dosages according to your dog’s or cat’s weight, the liquid is preferable to CBD dog treats.

CBD oil contains cannabinoids which could improve many aspects of your pet’s health.


When your pet is in pain the suffering puts both of you under stress. What you need to do is couple your prescribed medication with a natural solution—to minimise your pet’s distress—while helping its body recover. With the many ways CBD oil could potentially improve the general wellbeing of your pet, it’s a useful option to try when you’re in this predicament.

The next time my dog’s dew claw tore off I stayed home, applied some oil and stayed in contact with my vet just to be on the safe side. She was running around again the next day with no sign of inflammation.

Dog on sofaCBD oil is so helpful because it works with the receptors in the body which could result in your pet feeling a little more at ease after a trying experience. This can be especially helpful after operations, when your pet suffers from irritable bowel disease and even nerve-related problems.


Like me you probably hate feeling helpless while your pet suffers, but it’s even worse if an apparent solution isn’t really helpful. This is the case with seizures and fits: prescription medication such as potassium bromide can counter seizures and using CBD as a supplement to this medication could really enhance the effectiveness of the treatment.

Many pet owners have a positive experience with using CBD oil. When using the correct dosages to assist with the treatment of seizures, you can stress less about side effects.

Healthy Digestion

Gut motility is vital because it determines how many nutrients the dog or cat can absorb. This makes digestion an important health feature all pet owners should monitor.

CBD oil is often used to improve bowel movements and as a natural supplement. A healthy digestive system will also boost your pet’s appetite, so mealtimes become easy; you don’t have to coax your dog or cat to eat anymore.


Cancer. The ‘Big C’ puts fear into every pet owner’s heart. But using CBD oil could possibly help manage the frightening scenario.

Although cases differ there are success stories. If you supplement CBD oil with traditional cancer treatment the oil could help with improving your dog’s immune system and managing common side effects such as nausea.

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Milk Thistle Enhances Every Meal

This beautiful plant contains many health remedies and it’s easy to add to a pet’s diet: simply sprinkle milk thistle powder over their food or give them capsules.

Milk Thistle for natural remedies

Liver Problems

Milk thistle is a proven remedy to prevent liver damage thanks to silymarin, the active ingredient in the plant. Silymarin reduces the production of free radicals because it’s a powerful antioxidant.

Important tip: if your pet DOES need the vet’s medicine, add milk thistle to food from now on. Medicine often leads to liver damage, but this plant extract will slow down the deterioration.

The Age-old Wisdom of Using Aloe Vera

I keep natural remedies such as CBD oil on hand, but what if you run out? It’s helpful to know your garden can help you take care of your pet. Having aloe vera as an anti-fungal remedy is an ideal backup plan.

aloe vera plants in window sil for natural remedies

You can purchase many aloe products these days, but rather save money by growing your own plants. I found aloe plants to be very hardy and easy to cultivate as long as they don’t get too cold. You can grow them in the garden or in a pot in your kitchen.

To use it, simply break off a piece and rub the juice onto the relevant area.

Important tip: aloe vera should only be used as a topical remedy as it can be toxic if consumed in large amounts. If you find it difficult to keep your dog from licking the treated area, don’t waste money on buying a pet cone. Why not try an effective but cheap homemade cone?

dog with cone


Did you know dandruff can be caused by fungus? Aloe vera’s anti-fungal properties make it a viable treatment option to ensure a healthy, shiny coat.

Scrapes and Sores

Whether it’s yeasty ears, cracked skin or a scratch after a fight you can help prevent these areas from getting infected by applying aloe vera. The juice will also soothe so your pet experiences less discomfort while the skin heals.


Many pet owners fear the dreaded skin infection called ‘ringworm’ because it’s contagious and can become painful.

Instead of heading to the vet, simply apply some aloe juice directly to the area. Aloe vera can counter the itchiness while helping the skin to heal.

Coconut Oil for Coat and Skin

This is one of my favourite natural remedies since it’s versatile. I can administer it orally or topically. Also, because it’s actually a healthy supplement, I’m not concerned if my dog starts licking it off her skin when I’m not looking.

Since many people cook with coconut oil, chances are you already have some in your home. If not, you’ll find it in health stores and even your local supermarket, since health trends made it popular in recent years.

Dry Skin

Don’t you just hate it when brands discontinue the best products? When I recently changed my dog’s food because it wasn’t available anymore, it affected her skin. She scratched herself often to relieve itchiness and even woke up at night scratching.

Luckily, she quickly learnt to come to me when this happened, so I could rub coconut oil into her skin. It soothed her skin and then she—and I—could go right back to sleep.

It took me a while to find the right food to solve the skin problem forever. I don’t know what I would have done without my bottle of coconut oil on hand.

A Dull Coat

This oil can work for various problems. If your dog’s coat seems dull, a spoon of coconut oil can be added to his or her diet. It can nourish the skin from within and healthy skin often leads to a shinier coat.

Eczema & Allergies

Even if your pooch suffers from more extreme skin problems, such as Eczema or flea allergies, you can try coconut oil to give your pet some relief. It may not solve the entire problem, but the soft, oily substance can soothe the skin.

You can use it in conjunction with CBD oil or your vet’s prescribed medicine to help alleviate symptoms and shorten recovery times.

Dog in sleeping bed

Much Needed Relief with Rooibos

Because I have a sensitive skin myself, I’ve been using rooibos products for years! Topical creams that contain rooibos are soothing & hardly ever spark allergic reactions.

When I learnt about this as a remedy for pets, I felt quite stupid. I knew about the benefits of this tea. Why didn’t I try this sooner for my dog’s itchy skin? Instead of buying expensive shampoos or supplements, all I needed to do was make tea!

Rooibos is safe to use in many forms and it’s so easily accessible. You probably have a few tea bags in your kitchen already. For best results, make sure it’s a strong brew by steeping the tea for at least 15 minutes before using it.

Skin Problems and Allergies

Rooibos is anti-bacterial and fights inflammation, making the tea effective to help fight skin dryness & irritations. You can pour some tea over your pet’s food so the rooibos helps the problem from the inside out. A healthier gut often leads to healthier skin.

You can also bathe your dog in rooibos infused water or pour the tea into a spray bottle for easy application to an inflamed area.

An allergic reaction may also lead to dry, red eyes. Soak cotton wool in rooibos tea and wipe your pet’s eyes to provide some relief.

What makes rooibos one of my favourite remedies is that it’s easy to use and it doesn’t matter if my dog starts licking it off once I’m done treating her. If her paws start itching I simply soak them in a bowl of tea for a few minutes. She’s more than happy to keep them in lukewarm liquid while she’s getting pampered, so it’s effortless to treat her.

Hair Loss

Rooibos is so effective that you may even see your pet’s coat improve. As the skin and gut improve hair won’t fall out as much as before and it’s bound to become thick & glossy again.

There are many rooibos-based shampoos on the market, but you can save money with a DIY method: simply rinse your pet’s hair in rooibos tea.

Appetite and General Health Problems

Rooibos provides pets with beneficial vitamins, some bioflavonoids and antioxidants, while helping to maintain the pH balance in your pet’s body. In the correct alkaline environment your pet’s organs and internal systems function optimally & this is essential for a healthy appetite.

To treat your pet’s overall health from the inside out, topical applications won’t help. Pets have to ingest the tea, so pour it over their food. If your dog or cat doesn’t want to eat, simply add it to the water bowl.

Kefir for Quick Results

And now here is another product I used myself, but that I never thought of using for my itching pets: Kefir.

Not sure what I’m talking about? This product originates from kefir grains left in a liquid, such as milk, until it ferments. The fermented milk is a healthy drink that contains beneficial bacteria and probiotics. These days you’ll find kefir milk and other kefir products in many stores.

The good news for your budget: you can add these grains to milk and make your own kefir products at home.

And don’t worry if your dog is lactose intolerant. Simply use rice or coconut milk for the fermenting process. The final product is different from kefir milk made from cow or goat’s milk, but still healthy.

I used kefir myself and know that kefir isn’t very tasty, so pets may like it less than CBD oil or rooibos tea. But you only need small dosages which makes it easy to mask the flavour with other food. For small pets you can use one teaspoon a day and large dogs can benefit from up to three tablespoons. Start with small amounts and increase the dosage if there are no adverse effects.


Many pet owners have used kefir to help treat itchiness and skin infections. Skin conditions are often the result of allergic reactions, but kefir counters these allergies.

Yeast Imbalances

Both harmful and beneficial yeasts exist. Kefir contains yeast that is advantageous, so it helps manage the balancing act of yeast in your pet’s body. You’ll notice the difference in how your pet smells and your pet will need fewer treatments for ear infections.

General Health

Kefir contains many nutrients, including magnesium, protein and vitamins which benefit general health. That means fewer vet visits in the long run. And you don’t have to spend money on supplements anymore!

Treatment After Vet Visits

After a vet visit your pet may need to take antibiotics. Many pets’ digestive systems may react to the medicine, which could lead to more vet expenses. Luckily kefir acts as a natural probiotic, so you’ll spend less on medication in future, while improving overall health.

Don’t Forget to Manage the Environment

Many of my tips are focused on helping your pet’s immune system and treat conditions without paying an expensive bill. But never forget the power of prevention!

Make sure you’re prepared in all ways possible. Keep products like CBD oil on hand that can help you treat almost any ailment. Then also take stock of your surroundings and think how unique home remedies can minimise threats to your pets’ health.

Combat Fleas and Their Larvae

Now, don’t get too grossed out by this tip. Your solution for fleas could be to get yourself some worms. Specifically, nematodes. You need them in your garden so they can start eating fleas and their larvae.

Nematodes are a kind of roundworm that carries no threat to you or your pet. The worms are extremely small, so you won’t necessarily see them with the naked eye.

It’s an effortless solution because nematodes are so easy to purchase either at your local garden shop or online. Packaging will tell you how to mix the substance with water and then spray your garden.

Nematodes can start making a difference in the flea population within days, creating a safer place for your dog or cat to play. It’s a once-off expense that will prevent many future vet visits.

dog scratching

Effectively Repel Ticks

You can take back control in the fight against ticks by simply doing a little gardening. There are many plants that contain helpful compounds, such as Pyrethrin, that repel ticks. Examples of greenery you can incorporate in your landscaping are:

  • Eucalyptus
  • Peppermint
  • Lavender
  • Chrysanthemums

What I like most about this tip is that my garden smells amazing these days!

Apple Cider Vinegar for Inside AND Outside

When you own a pet there’s always something new to learn. Recently I HAD to visit the vet when my greyhound’s lymph node was swollen. I had to pay for THAT consultation but the advice I received will hopefully help me—and you—avoid future bills.

For this natural tip you can get your bottle of apple cider vinegar from the cupboard. If you don’t know it yet, this is another home remedy that can work for more than one health problem. The good news: it’s safe to use for your pets too, as long as you dilute it.

Skin Irritations

The valuable knowledge I gained is this: pets that move to different parts of the country may start getting allergic reactions that you never encountered before.

For example, moving in South Africa from Gauteng to Cape Town means your pet encounters fynbos plant species not common to all other provinces. Chances are, you’ll notice pets starting to scratch a lot a few weeks or months after the move.

This is exactly what happened to me and luckily my vet was honest enough to tell me that a set of blood tests will only be a waste of money. You simply need to manage the situation. Whether the cause was the move, general stress or your pet has other existing skin irritations, along with trying products such as CBD oil, complement the treatment with apple cider vinegar.

The goal is to boost your pet’s immune system but also to create a protective layer between the skin and the allergens. So, add a vinegar rinse to your dog’s next bath or apply some to hot spots when your pup starts scratching again.


You can also add this vinegar to your dogs’ water bowl so they can ingest it. This will help adjust the pH levels and ensure useful bacteria can grow in the digestive system.

When you use this tip, just keep dosages low: only add +/-15ml to your dog’s water bowl.

St John’s Wort to Comfort Them

Perhaps you won’t find this in your cupboard or garden, but it’s one purchase that can prevent many other expenses in future: St John’s Wort. People used it as far back as 400BC and it’s still popular, so I knew it was safe to try. You’ll find oils and pills on today’s market.

This is another all-rounder product that I was glad I kept on the shelf for emergencies.


So, this one I tried it recently when I was stuck at home with my dogs during the COVID-19 lockdown period. I realised my dogs were much more agitated than usual, because I couldn’t give them their usual exercise in the park; the garden had to suffice. After a few days they seemed anxious and I had to find a way to manage it: I found a few drops of St John’s Wort can be a helpful additive to their food!

For this remedy in oil form, add a few drops to food. You can use it for both cats AND dogs. You can also try it in conjunction with other calming remedies I’ve mentioned, such as CBD oil and chamomile, for optimum results.

Pain and Discomfort

The herb can also be an ideal back up plan if you’re unable to get to the vet quickly. St John’s Wort is often used to fight bacteria so you can pour some of the liquid directly onto wounds. And if your older pet has joint pain, this herb is used to fight inflammation and release tension by impacting muscles & nerves.

See? Natural goods can do the same as many pharmaceutical products!

Wrapping Them Up During Thunder

Now we come to a tip for anxiety that doesn’t require any natural products; all you need is a piece of fabric to ‘wrap up’ your dog. You can combine it with some of our other remedies above such as CBD oil or St John’s Wort. And yes, it can save you a LOT in vet bills.

Practical Anxiety Treatment

Dogs hurting themselves because of panic can lead to many visits to the vet and some pet owners pay a lot for anti-anxiety medication. I remember how one of my friend’s Staffordshire Terriers hurt herself by trying to scale a wall, simply because she felt disoriented by loud thunder. She ended up with bleeding paws and scratches all over her stomach area.

There is practical solution and I’m so glad I found out about it for one of my elderly dogs. She used to start trembling at night the moment there was thunder in the distance. Luckily, there was a marked difference when I tried the wrap-remedy:

  • Take a piece of fabric that’s long enough to circle your pet’s body three or four times. Towels and scarves work well, depending on your dog’s size.
  • Place the centre of the wrap across your dog’s chest.
  • Pull it back and let the two ends cross behind your dog’s head, over the shoulders. It shouldn’t be so tight that your dog feels uncomfortable or choked, but he or she must feel some pressure on its body. That pressure will bring a sense of comfort.
  • Pull the ends down and let them cross under your pet’s belly and chest area.
  • Bring the two ends up again and tie them together on the dog’s back.

On stormy nights this wrap made both me and my pooch sleep better since I didn’t have to stay awake to calm her down. I hope it helps you too.

Yummy Yoghurt for Tummies

You probably know that not all human food is good for pets but there are some helpful exceptions. That Greek-style yoghurt that’s keeping you in shape may benefit your dog too.

An important tip when it comes to feeding your pets any human products: make sure there’s no sweetener—natural or artificial—on the ingredients list.

Managing General Health

Yoghurt contains large amounts of calcium as well as protein. If your dog’s health condition can benefit from these, yoghurt is a tasty and easy way to boost a diet. Most dogs will love the taste, so mealtimes are easy. In the long run it may save you a few visits to the vet or the cost of expensive supplements.

Treating an Upset Stomach

I use yoghurt as a probiotic for myself and you can do the same for your dogs. For an upset stomach or other digestive system issues, some yoghurt can help. It sparks faster recovery when it adds more healthy bacteria to the gut.

Another important tip: dogs’ digestive systems don’t easily digest lactose. Only add a small amount of the yoghurt to their bowls at first and see how your dog reacts. Also pick yoghurt with lower lactose levels to avoid too much gas or even vomiting.

Play Them Some Music!

I bet you didn’t expect this on this list. But what could be a more natural remedy than music? It works when you’re upset, right? So, why not for four-legged friends too?

Dealing with Anxiety

Music as a remedy for anxiety can work for any pooch, but it’s especially helpful if the source of the problem is other noises. Does your dog become tense because of traffic, other dogs’ barking or firework noise and thunder? Drown out the noise and help your dog tune out what excites or disturbs it.

Some owners switch on the TV or radio to have familiar home noise but you can also try classical music. Or see if your favourite music genre also calms down your pets?

Prevent Separation Chaos

Separation anxiety and its symptoms happen when dogs don’t like being alone. They’ll communicate their stress of being left behind by:

  • Defecating inside the house
  • Chewing objects around the house
  • Barking until the neighbours complain

Do you know what your dog gets up to when you leave for the day? I often fear when I open the door, not knowing what I’ll find. Does that sound familiar? My greatest fear is coming home and finding one of them injured because of destructive behaviour or trying to get out of the property to find me.

These days, when I know I will be gone for a while, I leave YouTube on for them. I went online and found recordings specially designed for dogs. It contains simple audio that won’t negatively impact your dog’s acute hearing ability. The audio has a calming effect some videos have stimulating visuals as well. Once again, an easy way to avoid a journey to the vet for a bandage or leg cast.

Train Them Right

So, this may not be a natural product you find in your cupboard, but what better—natural—method than building a relationship and teaching your dog some lessons? And yes, this CAN impact your vet bills more than you think.

Be prepared with natural remedies and you’ll prevent being at the mercy of vet bills from now on. These remedies are easy and often safer than traditional treatment. Doesn’t your pet deserve the best?

No matter what happens while walking your dog, next month will look better financially. You CAN worry less about your budget and enjoy your pet more.

Happy dog

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