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What You Need to Know When Using CBD Oil for Horses

cbd oil for horses
Photo by Gene Devine on Unsplash

Our pets suffer from many of the same ailments we do. If you own a horse, you know they can be troubled by pain and other medical conditions. Riders in the equestrian world are seeking out alternative treatments for these conditions afflicting their horses. They’re hearing more about the benefits of CBD oil horses can benefit from and buying into these positive claims.

If you’ve been listening to the conversations around CBD oil for horses, you may be wondering about how it works. And of course, what the benefits are for your horse.

In short, CBD oil contains cannabinoid compounds. These are known to improve the overall health of both humans and their pets. Horse owners worldwide have experienced positive results with using CBD oil for horses. With high-quality CBD oil horses respond quickly and recover faster giving them a new zest for life! Read on to find out all you need to know.

What to Look Out for Before Buying CBD Oil for Horses

The market is flooded with CBD oil. Before rushing out to buy CBD oil for your horse, make sure you get the best. How do you know which one to buy? Use our tips to help you make the right purchase for your horse:

  • Verify the reputation of the company selling CBD oil
  • Ensure the CBD oil is 100% natural (don’t confuse it with the cheaper hemp oil)
  • Make sure it doesn’t contain THC (the hallucinatory compound found in the cannabis plant)
  • Is it pharmaceutically certified?
  • Has it undergone expert testing and have high safety standards?
  • Find out if it has been manufactured according to local regulations and manufacturing practices

Ask other equestrian owners which company they use to buy CBD oil for their horse. Reliable and trustworthy referrals give you peace of mind you’re getting the best CBD oil for your horse. Companies like Vitozol are passionate about using CBD oil horses can benefit from and they produce high quality products.

CBD Oil Benefits for Horses

How does CBD oil benefit horses? Cannabinoids used in CBD oils are known to help the nervous and immune systems. These systems are able to self-regulate, bringing balance back to the body. There are success stories about how CBD oils can bring relief to painful conditions, fight cancer and aid in restoring imbalance in the digestive system.

When using CBD oil horses may recover from imbalances within their bodies. You’ll notice an all-round improvement in their general sense of wellbeing.

CBD Oil for Laminitis

Horse owners know how much their horses suffer when they’re struck down with laminitis. This condition is an inflammation of the soft tissue attaching the pedal bone of the hoof wall. This causes acute pain for the horse as well as instability in the hoof wall.

Research and studies indicate using CBD oil will alleviate the pain & inflammation of laminitis.

CBD Oil for Arthritis

As with humans, horses also battle with arthritis. This is caused by persistent and chronic joint inflammation. It leads to irreversible break-down of the cartilage. Arthritis pain is debilitating in both humans and horses. The quality of life can be impacted, making daily functioning challenging. Arthritis is irreversible but the properties of CBD oil will bring relief from pain and inflammation, improving your horse’s quality of life.

CBD Oil for Equine Gastirc Ulcer Syndrome

Bacterial infections cause gastric ulcers in many adult horses. This infection can be fought with the horse’s healthy immune system. However, using CBD oil will boost the healing process and improve gut health at the same time.

When using CBD oil, horses will be able to effectively manage this common challenge.

CBD Oil for Your Horse’s Anxiety

Many horses can be highly strung and, on some days, they suffer from high levels of anxiety. Training sessions can make your horse feel anxious or when they’re separated from other horses during stall rest.

CBD oil can ease your horse’s anxiety when used in the right dosage.

CBD Oil for Colic Relief

Colic describes the abdominal pain many horses experience. Symptoms can be mild but some horses experience extreme colic pain. How do you know when your horse is suffering from colic? When they show no interest in eating, if they curl their top lip or lie down more than usual. Other signs include a fast heart rate, sweating and restlessness.

Giving your horse CBD oil can ease the bloating and pain associated with colic.

CBD Oil to Manage Allergies

When the body perceives something is harmful, it releases histamine which produces inflammation. Signs of an allergic reaction in horses include a cough, hives and itchy skin. As CBD oil reduces inflammation and pain, it effectively eases an allergic attack.

CBD oil will relieve the allergic reaction, bringing your horse some comfort and relief from the associated pain.

CBD Oil for Cancer

Studies continue to produce evidence of CBD oil preventing cancer cells from growing. This may stop the spread of cancer in the horse’s body. In some cases, CBD oil may cause cancer cells to die. As CBD oil boosts the immune system, this helps the body to fight against cancerous cells.

If your horse is undergoing cancer treatment, they’ll benefit from CBD oil’s ability to minimise the unpleasant side-effects of such treatments.

CBD Oil for Desmitis

Horses are prone to suffering from desmitis which affects horses in the legs or in the coffin joint. It’s an inflammatory and painful condition. As CBD oil is an anti-inflammatory product, it helps horses healing from desmitis.

Using the recommended dosage of CBD oil, horses will recover well from this ailment, often in less time than before.

The Benefits of CBD Oil Horses Will Love

Horses, similar to most pets, have a very special place in our hearts. As owners and riders, we want to do everything we can to keep our horses healthy & full of vitality. By exploring and using the benefits of CBD oil horses will love you for the relief these products bring them. Use the best CBD oil horses can benefit from and know you’re doing the best for your animal.

Photo by Gene Devine on Unsplash

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