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Make it a “Paw-some” International Pet Day with Vitozol Pets

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We adore the pets we own, big, small, wiggly or woolly.

Fortunately, International Pet Day provides the ideal occasion to honour this relationship between people and animals.

Vitozol Pets cordially invites you to return all the love and affection our pets so freely give during a build-up into April when this day is celebrated.

Just to show how seriously we want to return the love and affection to pets we will donate 10% of the product cost of each Vitozol Pets product that we sell this month to these three kennels: Wetnose Animal Rescue Centre, Adora-Bull Terrier Rescue and Rehabilitation, and Kitty and Puppy Haven. This will also give us an opportunity to help you share the love that these pets-to-be need, and it’s as easy as ensuring your pet feels the love with Vitozol Pets.

The Amazing Advantages of Owning a Pet

There is no question that dogs improve our lives tenfold. However, did you know? Research has truly demonstrated the psychological and physical advantages of pet ownership.

For instance, dogs can –

  • reduce our levels of stress, anxiety and depression;
  • create companionship;
  • encourage fitness;
  • make us enjoy and encourage socialisation;
  • develop a sense of responsibility in humans, and
  • reward us emotionally.

Return the favour to your pet and to pets that still need a forever-home with Vitozol.

How can I help a shelter pet-to-be feel the love this month?

  1. It’s as easy as buying any Vitozol Pets product for your own pet. Vitozol Pets will donate 10% of the product cost to one of these three kennels: Fora SA, The Society for Animals in Distress, and Kitty and Puppy Haven. This donation will ensure that these kennels get much-needed support in taking care of and loving pets-to-be until they get a home.
  2. Donate products to any of these three kennels: Fora SA, The Society for Animals in Distress, and Kitty and Puppy Haven. Vitozol Pets products can assist these kennels with a range of challenges they come across, such as anxiety, stress, inflammation, digestion problems, pain, seizures, epilepsy, eczema and arthritis.
  • When purchasing a product, please leave a message at Billing and Shipping indicating to which kennel the product should go.


Return the love and affection pets give so freely by helping Vitozol help shelter animals until they find a loving home.

Return the love by buying any Vitozol Pets product this month: https://vitozol.co.za/product-category/vitozol/

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